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The search engine optimization process for this website will serve as an illustration of the process and progress for the optimization campaign. F1rst Page SEO was re-launched in November 18th of 2009. The reason I have included my website as an SEO diary is to show my skills at optimization. SEO has to be one of the most difficult headings to be highly ranked. My aim is to track my success over a period of time and chart my progress for all of my potential clients to see.

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F1rst Page SEO shall attain #1 first page local rankings for keywords that will been seen by qualified customers and produce the most revenue opportunities for the company. F1rst Page SEO ranking for global keywords are on longing effort and could take longer than the local campaign. Optimization Diary | Back to Top was successfully re-indexed in Google on November 18th of 2009. Becoming indexed means the website has been included in Google ranking algorithms and assigned a numerical position based on the optimized content contained in the website. I know this because if you look at the cached version of the page it shows the date that the cache was indexed.

11-10-09 - Changing the domain name of the site required some changes to the code and Internet redirect commands, resubmitting the site map, starting a new webmaster account etc.

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11-22-09 - Changing the name of the site and submitting the optimized content of the old website as new the new name actually increased the rankings of the keyword chosen for

First Page SEO

5-8-10 - There have been and overall increase in the rankings for keyword phrases chosen for Sufficient time has passed to be able to discern increases in ranking for Google, Bing and Yahoo.

First Page SEO

First Page SEO

First Page SEO

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