Types of Advertising - Creative or Directional

The right advertising brings more business to your business! There are two types of advertising: Creative and Directional.

Directional Advertising

Directional advertising is achieved through two mediums; Yellow Page or Internet. The Internet is designed to "direct" the customer, who has already made the decision to buy a product or service from the provider. It is the only time it is used; when the buyer is ready to buy! What a powerful medium! It is only the advertising medium that accomplishes this. Although website can create a desire to buy they are not intended to "create" a desire to buy. The people using this media already want to buy. Internet advertising works symbiotically with creative advertising. In essence, directional advertising helps customers find businesses.

Directional Advertising Media

Directional Advertising - Advantages

Creative Advertising

Creative advertising includes any medium designed to create a need or a desire to purchase a product or service. Creative advertising is also used to provide name recognition through repetition. In short, creative advertising helps businesses find customers.

Creative Advertising Media

Creative Advertising - Advantages

Creative Advertising - Disadvantages

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