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Website Phone Call Generation Cost Analysis

2780 phone calls Bradford Medical Supply received in one year. In addition BMS also received 118 voice mails. The total number of calls is approximately 3000. The raw data for this analysis in found in the following link. Call Report for Bradford Medical Supply - 11-08 to 11-09.

The total cost spent on a Google Ad words campaign advertising last year for Bradford Medical Supply was $3044.

Clearly there is a incredible return on investment for advertisers that use their website as a primary means of advertising.

A full page yellow page ad is supposed to generate the maximum demand for a product or service. The cost of a yellow page ad is about $12,000 $/yr. Lets assume just for a minute that full page yellow page ad could produce the same volume of calls that the BMS could.

What may be lost on the person reading this is I assumed a yellow page ad could generate as many calls as a webiste. My experience ad a business peson first and a salesperson last is that yellow page ads dont porduce like a website.

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